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Cyclocross and Road Cycling

Sniper Cycling is a Belgian professional cyclocross and road cycling team led by two-time Cyclocross World Champion Wout Van Aert. The team has selected three key products from Wahoo’s ecosystem to support their training and racing efforts: the Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor, the Wahoo ELEMNT GPS Cycling Computer, and Wahoo’s award-winning KICKR Smart Trainer.

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"The ELEMNT bike computers contain every technological option and excel in user-friendliness, thanks to their simplicity. And user-friendliness is crucial, because nowadays we expect a lot from our cyclists at both the technological and scientific level. As coach, I’ve noticed that everyone is using the products more often and more correctly, precisely because they are so user-friendly." - Kristof De Kegel, Team Coach

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"Wahoo has a range of bike trainers. You could define the KICKR as their showpiece. The power is transmitted directly on to the chain, which gives an authentic and accurate road feel. In terms of data options, we’re able to program the warm-up protocols individually so that each cyclist can go through their own personalised warm-up programme." - Kristof De Kegel, Team Coach

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Sniper Cycling uses the TICKR Heart Rate Monitor, for measuring race-winning efforts and heart rate training.

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"We’re proud to partner with Wahoo, who not only aims to achieve best-in-class products for every category, they are just as committed as we are to facilitating the personal and professional development of elite athletes,” - Sniper Cycling co-founder Nick Nuyens.