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The information below details information about cookies and how we use them on our website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files stored on your device when you visit some websites. They help improve user experience when visiting a website by gathering data on user preferences and website analytics and performance. Cookies cannot be used to harm your device.

Does Wahoo use cookies?

Yes. We use cookies on all Wahoo Fitness websites and mobile apps to offer the best experience possible. The anonymous data collected helps use to understand your user preferences so that we can optimize our website and advertising campaigns. We use both first-party cookies, which are served by the website you are visiting, and third-party cookies, which are served by other companies.

Cookies set by (first-party cookies)




Used to store shopping activity during a website session, so that your shopping cart is maintained across the site and checkout.


Used to securely log you in and out of your account on our website and in our mobile apps.


Used to store information about your prefered location to ensure we display the correct pricing, shipping, and products across the website.

Cookies set by other companies (third-party cookies)



Google Analytics

Used for web analytics and collects anonymous site visitor and website traffic information such as number of visitors to the site, how visitors reached the site, and pages visited.

Google Adwords

Used to optimize advertising for Wahoo Fitness products and show ads to users who have previously visited our site. Google serves the ads on Google and across the web.

Bing AdCenter

Used to optimize advertising for Wahoo Fitness products and show ads to users who have previously visited our site. Bing serves the ads on Bing and across the web.

The Trade Desk

Used to optimize interest based retargeting for Wahoo fitness products based on what you have viewed on our website.


Used for tag management to help manage the various cookie and pixel technologies of our service partners.


Used to customized ads for Wahoo Fitness products. Facebook delivers the ads across its services.


Used to measure how customers use our website. It allows us to optimize and test functionality of the website to ensure the experience meets your needs.


Used to manage and moderate customer reviews and user-generated content from social media networks.


Used for our live-chat and customer support services.