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If you want to make the podium, you have to take risks. EF Education–Tibco–SVB & EF Education–Easypost have embodied this ethos with bold, inspiring performances, both on and off the bike. Wahoo is a proud to extend our sponsorship with EF Education–Tibco–SVB & EF Education–Easypost Pro Tour Teams through to 2025. This partnership expands the categories, to now include the full Wahoo cycling ecosystem.

“With the expansion of our support of EF Education–Tibco–SVB/ EF Education–Easypost Teams into wearables and Wahoo X, the team will be benefiting from the full ecosystem experience and continues our  investment in a team that aligns so closely with our own values.”

- Wahoo CEO, Mike Saturnia


As the official hardware and training software supplier for EF Education–EasyPost and EF Education–Tibco–SVB, Wahoo provides both teams with the tools they need to continue to energize the sport and challenge the status quo.

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"Yeah, it's great. You can take workouts from Wahoo SYSTM upload them onto your ELEMNT, and then complete the workout outside, like you have a coach with you the whole time."
- EF Education-TIBCO-SVB Rider

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"It's fun using the Wahoo computer when the summit segment pops up, you know, when you're starting to climb, how far it is to the top, estimated time to the top. It's a great training tool."
- EF Education-TIBCO-SVB Rider

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"Speedplay is a unique pedal unlike any other road pedal. With many unique features, its low stack height, aerodynamic design, and low weight being some but not all the features where it wins out over a traditional road pedal. Especially the low weight is something that I really appreciate when racing where every gram counts."
- EF Education-Easypost Rider

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TICKR is the simple and reliable way for fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike to connect and track accurate heart rate and other workout data across their favorite training apps and platforms.

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